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How do you upload a layout and what rules apply

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How do you upload a layout and what rules apply?

In the Gallery you can display your designs so that other members can see them, respond to them and get inspired by them. Or maybe you want to be helped further on your way with your layout. It is all possible!

Layouts can be placed in the gallery if you are registered at Digiscrap only. A registration is entirely without obligation. Your data will only be used for registration. Unregistered visitors can not view personal information.

Rules when placing a layout
Digiscrap has an open gallery. Feel free to post your layouts without taking into account whether or not the designs used are from our store. Above all, we would like to offer a place where all can show our layouts to the world. We think it is fun to get inspired, responding to each others layouts, learning from each other or just enjoying nice feedback!

To keep it fun for everyone we use a "Fair use policy" for our gallery:

  • You can upload a maximum of 4 layouts per day.
  • We also expect you to comment on 2 layouts made by others, for each layout you post.
  • Please include all credits of products and photos that you have used in your layout. You may only use the name of the designer/photographer and the product names. NO LINKING allowed.
  • You may link to a layout that youíve used for a scraplift or to materials in the Digiscrap store. Other links are not allowed. Also, no references to other websites may be placed in the gallery.
  • Copying or reusing information or layouts from this website (Digiscrap.nl) is only permitted with the permission of the owner.

In this way we keep the inspirational gallery lively and above all fun for everyone. Will you join us?

You can upload a layout in the Gallery as follows:
Click on Gallery in the main menu and then on Add Picture.  The maximum size is 250kB.
Than you will have to enter some data on the next page that opens. First, select the appropriate category where the layout should be placed (when you start by entering your other data, these will disappear when you choose the category, so always start by doing that).  Then you fill in the other details.
Title: choose your own name for your layout.
Description: You can write a bit about your layout. Consider, for example, why you created this layout or details about how you have designed it. Credits for the materials you have used also go here (i.e. the name of the designer/photographer and the product name).
Keyword: Here you may enter a specific word on which you want the layout to be found in our gallery. When participating in one of our challenges, you will have to mention the keyword of that challenge to be able to join the competition for the great prizes.
Now you select the layout you want to show in the gallery by clicking the Bestand kiezen next to Upload picture. You can now select your layout on your computer.

Make sure your layout is not larger than 250kB!. After selecting your layout click on open or OK (depending on your operation system).
Rotate Image By Degrees: You may choose to turn your layout when needed, by entering the proper amount of degrees (any number between 1 and 360).
Additional Options: You may select to be notified when another member has responded to your layout by checking the box. This is checked by default, since this is of course desirable. You may also copy your layout to another category of our gallery, by checking the box.

When you have entered everything correctly you can click the Add picture button. The layout is now placed in the Gallery in the selected category.

With My Layouts you can see all the designs that you have placed in the Gallery. Of course this page is empty when you have not posted anything yet.
Unviewed will show all the layouts you havenít seen yet. There may be lots when you are new to our gallery.
My Favorites: You can add your favorite layouts here by using Add a picture

The administrator reserves the right to remove users, information, layouts or other matters as described above from this website (Digiscrap.nl) without prior correspondence if deemed necessary.

Have fun on Digiscrap.nl!

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