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Hello from Germany!

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 Hi everybody! My name is Andrea (aka bombalurina59) and I met many of you in person at the Digiscrap Event in Nunspeet last Sunday. I was intrroduced to this site and to the event by Susan Rizzo (aka suslyn) who I believe is in Jeanine's CT.

I'm (now)  a housewife, married to the best husband in the world for 18 years and mom to a (nearly) grown son. I live with my family, our Landseer dog "Tabea" and two slightly demented cats in a small village in Bavaria, Southern Germany.

I have been digiscrapping since 2009 and I'm a member of two site CT's and a number of designers' CT's. I haven't adopted a particular style yet, although I love everything vintage and shabby. Recently I have become very interested in Art Journalling and I'm currently participating in an Art Journalling work-shop.

Apart from digiscrapping I love reading (crime and historical novels), cooking and baking, movies, gardening etc, etc, etc....

I enjoyed last Sunday's event immensely - it was so great meeting you all in person and I took home tons of new ideas and inspiration. I'm really looking forward to seeing you all again next year!


Linkback: https://digiscrap.nl/index.php?topic=4517.0
#1 - 14-03-2012, 20:44:00

Hi Andrea
Great to see you here
We have met at the digiscrap day
And I have get (like everybody ) many ideas and inspiration of that day.
It was a great day to see so many people with so many diferent styles of scraping.

#2 - 14-03-2012, 21:06:14

hello Andrea, nice to see you here. We have not met in person but I " know" you from Nydia's team. I hear you had a great time in Nunspeet the other day. Sadly I was too far away on the other side of the water.
I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here .
#3 - 15-03-2012, 00:00:12


Hi Andrea
It is so nice to see you here and I'm really happy for you the digiscrap meeting was a succes. To bad I wasn't there and didn't meet you. I do know you from the digiworld though, I think I met you at the Studio and at some other sites. Maybe you know me under the name Ren or Renee (at the Studio).
I hope you will stick around here as well. You create beautiful pages and I would love to follow you on your Art Journaling. I'm not doing any classes or something, but I am very interested and do try to do an art journal page every know and again.
Please enjoy your stay here at Digiscrap!!
Hugs Jeannette
#4 - 15-03-2012, 20:55:15

Hi Andrea,
I was so happy seeing you last Sunday. Good to read you had a nice time and it was worth the trip.
I loved it too, it is so nice to see all those different books and styles. 
Thank you for introducing yourself here, if you want to post something and you have trouble understanding the Dutch language, please let me know so we can help you.
Welcome here at Digiscrap.nl, enjoy!!!
#5 - 15-03-2012, 22:03:03


Hi Andrea,

It was great meeting you last sunday and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself at the event and gained a lot of new ideas. Hope you'll stay tuned here!

#6 - 15-03-2012, 22:21:25

hi andrea! so nice to have met you 'in person' last sunday! so great that we actually have 'foreign' people come over to the event!

WELCOME! :cheer1:
#7 - 16-03-2012, 06:36:41

Thank you, ladies for your warm words of welcome!  :flowers1:
#8 - 16-03-2012, 09:56:34

Welcome here and hope to see you maybe next year. Futher I hope to see your LO's and art journals.
#9 - 16-03-2012, 10:58:28

Hi Andrea!! It was great meeting you sunday!
Do you have a blog? I'd like to take a peek if you have one! :yes:
#10 - 16-03-2012, 22:55:51
groetjes Maaike


Hey Andrea,

Great to see you over here at the 'Dutchies'! Welcome! We have met also last Sunday, not talked that much, but that will come, without a doubt! This part of the forum is under construction for English speaking people, so it will be a bit easier for foreigners to understand what is written ;).
We had a lot on our minds the past weeks, but soon we'll be posting some rules and other stuff over here.

#11 - 17-03-2012, 03:03:21
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Hi Andrea,

Welcome to the forum, lol, even though you joined before me!  I've lived in Germany (Hameln) for 6 years and Nederlands for 2 years, 6 month's in Amsterdam and then 18 months in Den Haag. All work related, I've now taken early retirement and enjoying myself.

Best wishes
#12 - 16-04-2012, 20:17:07


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