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Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone ! I am Kari! so happy to be here! and meet you all! I am from Wisconsin, a state in the United States! I am mama to three kids, Bianca (16), Kai (14) and Asia (almost 12). Fiancee to Eric.. and dog mama to my service dog , Neelix!

Linkback: https://digiscrap.nl/index.php?topic=8160.0
#1 - 01-07-2020, 20:28:54

Hello  Kari!
Welkome here, so nice that you joined us. Hope to meet your family and Neelix in your Scrapbook creations. Feel free to show them or to ask questions  :wave:
#2 - 01-07-2020, 21:09:09

Welcome Kari.  Nice to see you here. Hope you can find a lot of inspiration here. Looking forward to seeing what you create.
#3 - 01-07-2020, 22:43:28
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Hallo Kari @dotcomkari,

Welcome to our website! I'm looking forward to see your layouts and creativity. With a big family like yours there will be heaps of memomries to scrap. Need any help or translation? Feel free to ask.  :howdy:
#4 - 02-07-2020, 16:24:56

Welcome to Digiscrap, Kari! I would love to see some of your layouts!
#5 - 02-07-2020, 19:06:47

Hi Kari, how nice o see you here! Welcome!!!   :byebye1: 
I saw 4 gorgeous LO's from you in the gallery!
I love your work so much  :-*
#6 - 03-07-2020, 01:48:17
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I love your style @dotcomkari ! Those layouts are amazing  :yes:
#7 - 03-07-2020, 09:34:23


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