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Beschrijving: Tekst (in het engels, was een challenge bij oscraps) :I love the holyday season, really I do,.... for a while. But in the end it drains me. Iím as introvert as an introvert can be. I like my peace and quiet and me-time, Maybe just an hour with a book, computer, taking a walk, undisturbed will do it. But the kids are home from school and of course donít understand this. And when we have family visiting it's not very nice to go off on my own. But the problem is, when I donít get that break, Iím not nice, I get irritated and will have a really short fuse. It's not that I donít like parties and family gatherings, I do but in the Netherlands family gatherings start at the beginning of December with Sinterklaas and throughout December you have various celebrations linked to sinterklaas or Christmas. At school, swimming lessons and of course at home. After that we celebrate new year, like everyone else. But for me I doesnít stop there; My birthday is on the 3th of January and my little girls birthday is on the 12th, she will be turning 7 ! This year I didnít celebrate my birthday, just my husband and the kids... and my parents and my mother-in-law. So in the end I was still fussing about cleaning the house, having cake and snacks. But it was a lot more relaxed than having a whole lot of people over and running around getting coffee and drinks and what not's... To me our holiday season feels like itís from the fifth of December till the 12th of January. Secretly I want it to stop with new year, but right now I'm planning my daughter's birthday party, and making the treats for school. Itís going to be fun, cupcakes and all . But I canít wait for the 13th of January when everything goes back to normal.

Tekening van het internet, weet niet van wie.
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Gepost door: Eveline 07-01-2013, 20:02:43
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Geslacht: Vrouw
Berichten: 2.007

Bekijk profiel WWW
08-01-2013, 15:29:56
Heel creatief! fantastische journal!
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Geslacht: Vrouw
Berichten: 1.308

Bekijk profiel WWW
07-01-2013, 22:49:29
Geweldig en heel herkenbaar !
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Geslacht: Vrouw
Berichten: 1.643

Bekijk profiel
07-01-2013, 21:53:57

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Geslacht: Vrouw
Berichten: 43

Bekijk profiel
07-01-2013, 21:43:22
Haha wat herkenbaar, hebben we allemaal wel eens toch: Even alleen te willen zijn. Goed van je om in elk geval de 3e januari al wat rustiger aan te doen, maar je gevoelens mooi verwoord. Leuk "cosy" plaatje erbij.
07-01-2013, 20:54:01
Wat gaaf bedacht en uitgevoerd! Mooie journaling!  :good1:

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