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Het gratis programma: FreeUndelete doet wonderen.

Download: http://www.officerecovery.com/download/freeundelete.exe

File undelete software. Free for personal use
FreeUndelete restores deleted files, including those removed from Windows Recycle Bin. In case of accidental removal of files on a NTFS (default for Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and NT), FAT32 or FAT16 file systems this is the utility to help.

Supported file systems:
NTFS, FAT32 and FAT16

The recovered files are saved into a new location to prevent overwriting the deleted files on the original media.

Free For Personal Use!

It is our pleasure to emphasize that FreeUndelete is free for personal use. There is no charge, direct or hidden, to download and use a fully functional copy of the program. The program does not install any spyware or adware along with it. It does not populate user's desktop with pop-up ads or forcefully subscribe user to mailing lists.

Please note that purchase is mandatory for use in business environment. Registered business users get guaranteed customer support service. For private users customer support is not guaranteed and depends on support staff workload.

There are a few things we ask all FreeUndelete users to do:

    * Read the Proper Usage Techniques section prior to downloading and using the program. This is important for avoiding further damage to the lost data;
    * Comment on the software and make feature requests at FreeUndelete Customer Support page;
    * If happy with the utility, use the button at the top of this page to share FreeUndelete with others - thank you!

Proper Usage Techniques

A deleted file is essentially an area on disk designated as free and ready to accept data (such as contents of some other file). Luckily, unless the area has already been overwritten, it still holds the contents of the deleted file. Due to this fact it is possible to undelete files.

This fact also dictates the following procedure for using FreeUndelete:

   1. Stop any activity on the disk you are going to undelete files from! Remember that writing to that disk can damage the contents of the deleted files. Examples of disastrous activity include: copying files to the disk, installing programs there or running programs that use the disk as their swap media.
   2. Download and install FreeUndelete. Whenever possible, save the setup executable and install the program to a disk that does not hold files you need to undelete.
   3. Run and use FreeUndelete.

Tip: It is common that the only drive user has is C: and this is also the drive from where files need to be undeleted. In that case a good solution is using a USB flash drive as FreeUndelete download and install destination.

    * File systems supported: NTFS 1.0, NTFS 2.0, FAT32, FAT16
    * Operating systems supported: Windows XP, 2000, NT 4 (SP2 or higher required), Windows 2003 Server
    * Easy to use, no special user skills required
    * Full install/uninstall support


    * Does not support Windows 98, Windows 98SE and Windows ME

System Requirements

    * Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 2003 Server
    * RAM: 128 MB
    * Hard Disk: minimum 10 MB of free space required for installation
    * Display: 640 x 480 or higher resolution, 256 colors

Linkback: https://digiscrap.nl/index.php?topic=1148.0
#1 - 26-12-2008, 23:26:34
Droom niet je leven,
Leef je droom!

Het is me gelukkig al heel lang niet meer gebeurd, maar voor de zekerheid toch maar gedownload. bedankt
#2 - 11-01-2009, 11:23:48


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