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Hello from Berlin

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 :bloem01:Hello, my name is Veronika, I live in Berlin and am 61 years old.
I work as a nurse in outpatient pediatric care.
I have a dog and my hobbies are the garden, nature, scrappen- and I'm really looking forward to my retirement, if I have more time for the hobbies.
I know some of you from Oscrap and justart

Linkback: https://digiscrap.nl/index.php?topic=7560.0
#1 - 23-07-2018, 07:07:48

Welcome here Veronika, looking forward to see your pages

#2 - 23-07-2018, 09:10:57

Hi and welcome, Veronika!!  :wave:

So happy to see you here!  :flowers1:
#3 - 23-07-2018, 10:09:16

Welcome Veronika! Enjoy your time here at Digiscrap! Can't wait to see your pages!
#4 - 23-07-2018, 10:35:15

 :smiley_shining: thank you so much!
#5 - 24-07-2018, 10:04:02

A bit late, since I was deprived of most of my electronic devices for a few weeks (...I was on vaction  ;) )
Welcome Veronica! Hopefully you'll like it here! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
#6 - 31-07-2018, 21:07:10

Gutentag Veronika, herzlich Wilkommen!  :wave:
#7 - 02-08-2018, 23:30:30

Welcome Veronika....
#8 - 14-08-2018, 10:34:18


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